Below are the terms and conditions for Unreal Vacation.

For your reference “visitors,” “you,” “them” or “customers” represent visitors of this site while “us,” or “our,” represent Unreal Vacation L.L.C.

Unreal Vacation is dedicated to serving visitors with quality highly detailed handbooks about cities. In order to do this a combination of meticulously research and visiting actual locations is sometimes performed. Even though every effort has been made to insure that customers get timely accurate information we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies. Unreal Vacation makes no claims or guarantees to the accuracy or completeness of the: contents in our guide, contents in our website, and contents in our social media channels.

Several recreational activities such as hiking, tennis, golfing, and swimming are mentioned but may not be suitable for every individual. A qualified health practitioner should be consulted before engaging in such activities. Recreation activities such as hiking can pose serious health concerns, especially during the summer months in desert regions when temperatures can exceed 100° Fahrenheit (37°Celsius). Taking safety precautions and using sound judgment is advised.

There are many businesses listed throughout this guide, but just because they are listed doesn’t mean that “Unreal Vacation” endorse their content in any way. Readers should know that the world is constantly changing and it’s possible that data such as addresses, business hours, and prices are subject to change. We recommend calling ahead and double-confirming these variables before finalizing your itinerary.