Unreal Vacation is a new series of travel guides that promotes YGOLTL, which is the acronym for “You Got One Life to Live.” Since we only live once, our goal is to help travelers maximize their vacation so that they will have everlasting stories to share with friends, family, and acquaintances.
Let’s face it, vacations are fun—but planning them can be a major headache. It always seems like there are too many things to do, like booking transportation, packing luggage, and finding a place to stay. Unreal Vacation seeks to minimize your work through the power of in-depth research so that you can cherry-pick the things that interest you.
Our guides go above and beyond the standards. It’s like having a seasoned travel agent at all times, but for a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to make our guides concise but so jam-packed with useful information that even locals who have lived in a city for decades will be delighted by the many hidden gems they discover.
Live your life, submerge yourself in adventures, have fun, and obtain happiness. That’s what Unreal Vacation is all about, and we hope that you join us on our journey and live your life to the max!